A London personal branding photoshoot for a Life transforming Coach

Tiffany is on a mission to guide change in men and women who’re dreaming big, help them succeed in following their true path.

She understands what it means for her clients to feel trapped with a strong calling of what their heart and soul is pushing them do, as she fell in this position herself!

Before setting up business as a life coach, she left a high powered career in banking working for major European banks, feeling like a true cosmopolitan. When it felt time for change she decided to pack her bags and go travelling around the world. She ended up living in Ecuador for over year. This journey has been life changing, helping her find true purpose, she also she became a mum to a wonderful daughter called Angel May (now 2) her ray of sunshine as she likes to call her.

When I met Tiffeny to discuss her business and brand, she knew that she did not want the traditional personal branding pictures and wanted to escape the clichés that life coaches where usually picture in. She wanted to enthuse, joy, energy, sunshine!  The experience she’s giving to her clients is a life changing one as she’s helping them follow their dreams and their heart.

To plan the photo shoot we started working from her brand core words: cosmopolitan, authenticity, approachable and soul driven. The mood for the shoot was to ooze radiance, feminity and confidence to show her ideal client what experience they would go through working with her. The images would give them an immediate connection with Tiffeny and give them trust she was the right person to help them.

Based on our collaboration, I went on the hunt to find the perfect locations that would fit her brand, gave her recommendations about style and outfit to create images aligned with the message she wanted to communicate.

The work and collaboration before the shoot are what makes a personal branding photo shoot successful, it is key to have clarity about your brand and message before you can start designing visual content.

To get the most value out of a shoot, you have to have a plan about what you are going to do with the images created? Do you intend to create a client brochure PDF, use them to illustrate specific blog posts? Promote yourself on social media, publish them on newsletters?

Once you’re clear about the intentions, I can add my story telling magic to the mix to create a unique and compelling visual story for your brand.

Have you already done all the core work with your branding? Do you want to tell your clients how it feels working with you?

Then get in touch and to discuss your brand, let’s work some story telling magic together to show your clients what you can do and help them.

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