A portrait is more than just a picture it’s legacy for your loved ones, from your very unique story

Last year I made a call via Instagram about getting more woman over 50 in front of my camera. There’s the misconception that only women of a certain age should be photographed? A big joke right? I don’t agree at all with this idea. Do you? 

For me, beauty shines through the confidence of standing in front of the camera, the best use of light and feeling great in your skin. I have photographed women in their early 90s for a photography project about Women who served during World War Two. 

These women had a lot of questioning of why they should be photographed, it required quite a lot of convincing. What I saw in them is not their age but their life, the love, they had inside their heart, how proud they were of what they had accomplished and the trust they had in me as their photographer

A portrait is not just about a photograph it’s about you the person, and your life, your unique identity, every picture is always going to be different because every person is unique. 

After making the call for more women over 50 in front of my camera, Elaine got in touch and put me to the challenge, convinced that at 68 she was too old for my challenge. We met up had a conversation about how she dreamed to be photographed and came up with this wonderful idea of setting her photoshoot in Seville.

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